News -- about Starry Hill and stargazing in the Eatonville area

From Mt Rainier To the Heart of the Milky Way (8/20/15)

Mt Rainier is a great place for stargazing -- this astrophoto was taken with our 5" refractor in just twelve minutes of imaging time from Paradise at Mt Rainier National Park. Visitors to Mt Rainier helped us in capturing this image. [more]

Young Astronomy Photographer of the Year, Royal Observatory Greenwich, England (8/12/15)

When Braden Henricksen, a four-year Star Guide at Starry Hill, submitted one of his astrophotos taken at Starry Hill into the Royal Observatory Greenwich's contest last year, we all knew that the competition would be fierce -- the famous Royal Observatory's contest attracts the best from around the world. [more]

Connecting with the Night Sky at Mt. Rainier National Park (8/11/15)

As part of the National Park Service's Night Skies Program, Starry Hill is in its second year in providing evening stargazing experiences during the summer months for visitors at Mt. Rainier National Park. Come join us outside the Jackson Visitor Center at Paradise. [more]

2015 Star Guides Lineup (8/10/15)

Not only is Starry Hill a place for kids to come to connect with our universe, it is also a place that, as much as possible, is run by kids. That's why we have the Star Guides program, now in its fourth year. [more]

Perseids Meteor Shower 2015 -- Not to be Missed! (8/9/15)

The Perseid Meteor Shower, already one of the best and most popular of all showers, will be at its best this year because it occurs close to a New Moon. If you can be at a dark sky location August 12th, you may see 50+ meteors per hour. Look toward the Constellation Perseus. [more]