About Starry Hill

What is Starry Hill?

Starry Hill is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing astronomy education and stargazing experiences to children and the adults connected to them.

We are located near the town of Eatonville, Washington, in the Cascade foothills at a dark-sky site where the Milky Way glows brightly in the night sky.

Starry Hill consists of both a planetarium and an observatory. Our facilities are available for scheduling by teachers and other leaders of groups of children.

The Starry Hill Planetarium

The Starry Hill Planetarium is a theater with a 20-foot, dome-shaped screen directly above that creates an immersive you- are-there experience.

Although the Starry Hill Planetarium is capable of showing the same fulldome productions being played in commercial planetaria, our focus is on custom shows to meet the needs of local audiences.

The planetarium can accommodate a maximum of 24 adults or 32 children. Contact us if you'd like to schedule a show for your group.

The Starry Hill Observatory

While the Starry Hill Planetarium is where we connect with a virtual universe, the Starry Hill Observatory is where we connect with the real universe.

During the day, the observatory is used as a classroom to teach about telescopes and how they help us overcome challenges such as the dimness of stellar objects, the rotation of the earth and light pollution.

At night, the observatory comes alive when its large viewing door is opened and the telescope and its camera are turned on and used to take astrophotos.